my year of turning 50

sum, sum, summah!

melting. tired of complaining. exhausted. 90* sucks. planning an impromptu (oxymoron?) drive tomorrow to jump in a river. no promises, but let’s see where it will take me. it’s been a quiet few weeks at my house. lots of planning and dreaming, but not a whole lot of action. i finally gave in and decided the best thing to do when i get home from work around 4pm is to sleep until twilight, then hope that it is cooling off and get something done in the last hours of the day. i jump up at 8:45 and fix myself anContinue reading “sum, sum, summah!”

history in real time

i took mom to her family reunion this weekend in salmon.  well, i guess it’s my family reunion, too. along the way we rescued a vintage german doll (literally) and were detoured by;  2 garage sales in mackay (great vintage finds!), our friend jude from the rivers bend, and finally kaya and crew at the junction in challis (for huckleberry ice cream).    friday night we put 5 of our elders on the spot.  literally lined them up in the front of the room and drilled them with rumors, unsolved mysteries and tragedies.  searching for answers.  yes, they died young.  yes,Continue reading “history in real time”

i made a new friend

so, my final days of being 50 have passed, and i say adieu, farewell, good riddance! let’s move on….. i spent the first week of june on the river with family and friends very old and very new. my new best friend huckleberry had some really bad manners but i learned a lot from him. he just takes time to do what makes him happy. like proudly bringing me dehydrated cowpies. chewing on unsuspecting plants and animals. peeing inside as soon as you bring him in. and my favorite, sleeping through a hide and seek game which scared 3 middleContinue reading “i made a new friend”


i got a wild hare (sic) and submitted a story to ISU’s literary journal black rock and sage (BR&S) last month. i’ve been working on the piece for over a year as a personal history/journaling kind of activity, but never intended to do anything with it. nevermind that for the last two years i consciously printed BR&S submission guidelines and hung them on my office wall. when i got the email that it was accepted for publication, my jaw dropped to the ground and my first thought was oh no i don’t want anyone else to read it. oh shit. Continue reading “suckerpunch”

hot girl

everyone that knows me knows that i am a hot girl. i finally found the exact words for it, though. it’s not hot, it’s extreme heat intolerance. and is is not just uncomfortable. it’s miserable. i noticed it when i was 19 years old, and have been affected by it off and on since then. i’m the girl in a 50-minute yoga (!) class that turns red as a beet and looks like i have just run a marathon. after i mow my postage stamp sized lawn in the summer, grown people are alarmed and small children run crying. sweatContinue reading “hot girl”


i hope that spring makes us all feel a lot better. winter was kind of hard on this girl, what with being sick and all. but i am feeling better, there’s a ‘spring’ in my step and i am optimistic about the coming months (even while i dread the heat of summer proper). this is my time to shine. i’m ready to plant and get outside- yardwork makes me happiest at about 50*. i made a plan with my old lady to spruce up our gardens and make more space for her ‘herbs’ (don’t ask, don’t tell). the tulips areContinue reading “spring-a-licious”


so it just happens to be a new year, and y’all know that i don’t make resolutions, but i love to make plans and set intentions. this year is no exception. i don’t have timelines or checkboxes, so anytime during the year is fine, but i might as well get started…. after being sick most of november and december, my health has been on my mind. i am at fitness level ‘ground zero’ and i did 3 situps at my fitness assessment to prove it. my friend teresa and i signed up for some cheap and really inconvenient exercise classesContinue reading “intentions.”

two birds with one stone

i dragged my tired ass to the river after christmas and marked off my december and january trip in one fell swoop. i had been sick since mid-november with a sinus infection, and thought i was feeling much better, but….. getting to the cabin took much of my remaining energy and i slept almost the entire 4 days i was there. the snow was deep, about 10-12 inches and i parked at the gate. our neighbor followed me up to make sure i could even get that far and helped me shovel a parking spot. i think he could seeContinue reading “two birds with one stone”


i’m almost half-way through my 50th year! since this was my attempt at documenting my year and showing you what my 50 looks like, it’s probably time for some reflection. i’ve been to the river every month this calendar year except for february. but, since this is my plan and i make the rules, i just reset the timer and will try to get there every month thru next february to make it a full year. if you don’t meet your goals- just modify so you are the winner! how kind of me, to me! in april i went toContinue reading “half-way”

dryer lint

my old friend tom came to my birthday party 2 years ago. he told me he had been working on my present for quite some time. he is my artist friend, so i was pretty excited to see what he came up. he handed me a gallon ziplock bag with 3-4 months worth of dryer lint. it was a great gift, truly, because it is an essential component of homemade firestarters. here are my top 3 ways to make firestarters with simple ingredients. collect cardboard egg cartons, candle wax, dryer lint and/or woodchips. tear the top off the carton. addContinue reading “dryer lint”


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