new adventure!

hello everyone. if you know me, you know i am all about potential. i like to buy the worst looking house on the block, because it’s all i can afford, but also, because i can see the potential. i want to paint old, decrepit houses i pass on the side of the road. i make blankets out of old jeans, i buy vintage unfinished quilt tops and turn them into masterpieces. i love giving a new and respectable life to old buckets, furniture, paintings, dishware, clothes and especially bags. a successful restoration project of any scale is one of my greatest joys.

i would like to introduce my newest (ad)venture. the bluebird skies bed and breakfast. she’s a 1965 aloha 12 foot camp-trailer. i’m pretty sure she has been neglected if not full-stop abused.

i bought her last spring but was derailed by a massive home makeover and beautification project. it was a worthy project and while i was sorry for the delay, i know it was the right choice. long story short, the bluebird skies bed and breakfast will be rolling by may 2023.

thelma will be a airbnb type of mobile unit via a rental platform called outdoorsy. she will be capable to run off-grid or full power, but also with some really fun luxuries. full size bed (not a fold up), 2 burner gas stove, some running water, a small fridge and room for a big cooler. she won’t be able to handle large crowds, but she will be a little slice of heaven on any camping adventure!

keep an eye on my facebook, instagram or here for details along the way. i’m not doing an original restoration since a lot of the originals are already gone, but she will be safe, secure and super comfortable. i will be doing most of the work myself, but have an experience metalworking/window team to seal all the joints which is the most important part of restoration.

i think she was painted with a roller and housepaint- so i’ll bring the exterior to the original metal siding before i find her color scheme. first i’ll put in a whole new basefloor, followed by a full sheet of linoleum flooring (flex and weather tolerant, waterproof). then, i’m removing the interior paneling to assess the condition of the walls and structure. replacing any rot or damaged framing will also allow me to run wires for the exterior lights (blinkers, tailights, running lights, etc.). all the window, door and roof joints will need to be meticulously re-sealed with new materials. i will find room on the hitch or bumper for a spare tire, a propane tank and a 12 volt battery (or solar setup). i’ve had the wheels and axels inspected and the bearings packed- but we will double check for total safety and peace of mind. i’ll replace the paneling and decorate with idaho and outdoor art, and hit the road.

easy peasy? sure, i got this. cheer me on and Aloha!

p.s. i don’t have a tow car and have never parked or towed a trailer/camper. does that stop me? not to worry my darlings. i have no sense or possibility of fear or failure! onward.

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