meet the artists

stop by here for encouragement, motivation, to find a new friend and see what’s happening in and about my small town. there is creativity and beauty and talent everywhere we look. from a quilter to a gardener, a cook to a jeweler, it’s all about just making an effort. getting started is the hardest part. what and where are your unfinished projects? do you WANT to finish them? start a conversation with yourself about the WHY. and be gentle.

meet careen…

NOTE: when i first met careen she was working at Sportsman’s Warehouse stringing bows, as in…. hunting equipment. i scratched my head at why they would put this cute girl with the bright lipstick in that department, instead of shoes. and then i kicked myself in the shins (twice) for even thinking that….. Hi! My name is Careen , and I live in Malad, Idaho with my charming little family. My husband is a bonafide rocket scientist at Northrup Grumman, and we have 2 (almost 3 kids together), Claire (3) andContinue reading “meet careen…”