meet careen…

NOTE: when i first met careen she was working at Sportsman’s Warehouse stringing bows, as in…. hunting equipment. i scratched my head at why they would put this cute girl with the bright lipstick in that department, instead of shoes. and then i kicked myself in the shins (twice) for even thinking that…..

Hi! My name is Careen , and I live in Malad, Idaho with my charming little family. My husband is a bonafide rocket scientist at Northrup Grumman, and we have 2 (almost 3 kids together), Claire (3) and Mitchell (1). I have the privilege of being a stay-at-home mom as my kids grow through their formative years. Aside from working for my kids (it’s hard work, but they really don’t pay much) I love to fit my art in my daily schedule in any way that I can. I graduated with a degree in Fine Art and Graphic Design at Idaho State University, and love to use my talents in as many ways as I can in my beautiful community.

what is your creative style: I like to joke that I’m a dabbler. I’m a painter, a rudimentary wood worker, a graphic designer, a baker and cake designer. I love to craft and decorate. I do a lot of commissioned paintings with acrylic paints and have recently started working with silk and ink. I would say my style is mostly impressionistic. When I went to school for graphic design a few years after I got my art degree, I started doing a lot of freelance work in designing logos, business promotional materials, and helping non-profits grow. I also love to design my own graphic art and display it on posters and greeting cards. Recently, I have been selling a lot of customized cakes, and been having a blast with it!

where can we find your work? I use social media and word of mouth as my primary marketing source. I also belong to an Art Council in Malad where I help with graphic design and anything that needs doing. This year will be the second Art Walk in Malad that I have organized, and that helps get the word out for what I do, also. I post a lot of my work on social media, but I would say that most of what I sell is by word of mouth.

who/what inspires you: I’ve learned with art that inspiration has ebbs and flows. Sometimes there are times where I kick out a ton of work, and then there are other blocks of time where I create almost nothing. At first, I thought there was something wrong with me, but I’ve learned that the slow times are just as important as others. I would say that everything inspires me. I love being outside. I love beautiful things. Something as simple as seeing a smile on somebody’s face or a beautiful tapestry will really fuel my creative juices. 

what motivates you: Beautiful things. The reward of creativity in itself. I believe the process is just as important as the product when it comes to art. 

favorite movie/book/celebrity crush: I love almost all Sandra Bullock movies, particularly While You Were Sleeping. My favorite book is probably Savannah Blues by Mary Kay Andrews, although I love all of her books. Celebrity crush?? Hmm..not sure I have any anymore. Is that weird?

3 things no one would guess about you: I’m extremely self-conscious. I have a brave and confident exterior, but I think I’m a lot more self-deprecating than people realize. I love archery hunting. It is one of my favorite things to do. Even though I live in a very small community, I always wanted to live in a city like Seattle when I was younger. Now I thank God every day that I don’t. 

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