turning 50

june 1-june 6, 2021 it was the first week of my 50th year. i had already decided to ring it in with :

  • homemade peach cobbler
  • a revolving door of company
  • river wading
  • mom’s homemade scones
  • 4-wheeler rides
  • an ice cold bottle of limoncello (which prematurely rolled right out of the freezer and crashed onto the floor)
  • porch sleeping
  • diane’s mexican fiesta dinner
  • backyard movie night
  • a scenic flight over the east fork river valley

it was all that and more.

the usual suspects (list of characters):

I arrived at east fork university on saturday afternoon to spend as much time as possible with the notorious green boys (see previous post), v. 2.0 and their absolutely gorgeous, elusive and extended families. it did not disappoint. my brian was already here, too, with bertie in tow. **my hero***

not far behind were diane, beverly, jessica and the lovely young ashton and jaxon– all most recently of washington state. the washington crew and I had travelled via caldwell, idaho to witness kaya nicole’s commencement summa cum laude from college of idaho with a degree in political economy and 3 (or 4) minors! go girl! you rock my world. what an amazing start to a whirlwind week! and a fabulous start to an amazing life for this young lady that i witnessed grow from a silly, adorable, but powerful toddler to this silly, adorable but powerful young woman!

kelly, henry, amari and aforementioned kaya arrived sunday afternoon just in time to soak up some quality time with the josh & david green families. they departed several days later after entertaining us all with their antics.

george and lynn parker and hannah joined us midweek and camped in the yard. fun fact: george and lynn were some of the original settlers of EFU. oh- they stories they withhold! george played tetherball with ashton- what a trooper. i have dozens of postcards in my personal collection from juneau george, circa 1977-87. he has been a part of our life ever since i can remember, and it is always a joy to see him.

new friends kim, bryan, teresa and brian arrived on thursday and friday. we went on a great ride on sunday to livingston mine, with teresa perched lightly on the back of brian’s two wheeled adventure sport vehicle. she won the badass award.

it was an overwhelmingly fabulous week. we clearly packed in everything we could in such a short time. i should turn 50 every year!

thanks to: david g. for bringing and putting a new valve on the leaking water tank and following my psychotic directions to turn on the well, start the water heater and eliminate any and all system leaks for the week.

thanks to: brian b. and brian j. for bringing 1 Fat Cat, 3 four wheelers and a Yamaha for our entertainment. i am happy to report- no co-pays or injuries per East Fork common law

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