stars don’t really fall anyway….

may 28-30, 2021. it was an epic long weekend at east fork university. family. food. cocktails. dogs. bluebird skies. no mosquitoes. (curses! don’t dare mention them!) the river, the stars, the mountains. we counted 26 cousins, grandmas, moms, grandkids, sisters, redneck brothers & uncles from ages 4-83. it was a brilliant mix of old and new family and friends. on sunday, after 2 days of sun and fun, we slowly gathered to say our final goodbyes to our beloved uncle bill, command sargeant major, dad, mfbg, rounder, sarge, aka: grouchy bastard. it was a wonderful but tragic way of mixing old memories with new, and it desperately needed to happen. his boys and their families had already trekked to the original campus across the river to pay their respects, share some stories (lies), relive some memories, and as instructed, re-christen the two-seated Computer Center and Chinese Vomitorium. but while the other 25 of us solemnly carried his remains to all corners of the property to say our final adieu, young zack really went above and overboard by klutzing straight into the deep end of the east fork, baptising his whole self but rising triumphant with the precious shot glass of ash above his head. i think he needed a bath anyway. it definitely would have inspired one of bill’s infamous contagious grins-see below. we managed an (almost entire) group photo on the front porch of the new campus-a tradition started in 1968, and the memorial party departed.

i know that my uncle bill left a huge mark on all parties present that weekend, but i can really only speak for myself. i only made it halfway to the river that day before the tears poured down my cheeks. i know he wouldn’t want me to cry, so i just told everyone i have allergies. why not? stars don’t really fall anyway.

like the fox

i run with the hunted and

if i’m not the happiest

man on earth i’m surely the

luckiest man


–charles bukowski

r.i.p. billy j. green november 2, 1947-december 1, 2019

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