who am i?

me. only better. hey everyone. thanks for stopping by. this is my attempt at documenting my 50th year, idaho style! covid be damned. i will play and laugh and cry and learn and fail. i am my own fifty and i will own my fifty. here i’ll share some of my favorites, my good moods, my adventures and my disappointments and pinterest fails. i love my small town idaho mountain town life. (and when i don’t- i fake it til i make it). i love my fresh air, great star-scapes, friendly neighbors, mountain views, quick getaways and easy traffic. i love my little bungalow and try to live in simplicity and grace. i live with my 83 year old mother (who runs circles around me), her four-legged pal lucy and my big red dog, bertie.

i’m already showcasing some of my talented friends on my meet the artists page, and hope that this will be a place of encouragement and motivation for craftspeople of all kinds. i had planned to introduce one a month, but you already see how well that is going….. but i’m not giving up, more to come.

i don’t know how you do things where you are, but this is how we do it in idaho. i thank my lucky stars every day.  ((even when i’m in the gutter.))