december rantings……

does everyone else think their life will slow down after the next big event/activity/timeframe/etc.? why do we still believe that as soon as i finish painting my house, a booth at a craft fair, recover from covid i will have time to read that book/take a nap/finish that project/be a better person? fine, then. IN JANUARY, when things slow down…… i will sit down, pay attention and read an entire book. have you heard that doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results is the definition of insanity? so, why do we repeatedly submit ourselves to the angst? this is akin to thinking that those awesome, expensive boots will automatically resolve all of our wardrobe and social life issues. (yes, i will be tall and gorgeous and traveling and surrounded by other gorgeous fun people if i shell out $way too much for those boots! dammit!!)

it never happens…. ahhh, boo me.

somehow we all keep slogging forward through our busy times. including me. i had a very fun and successful craft booth at the Goodbye Hello Craft Fair in pocatello in mid-december. right exactly after at least 5+ days of contagious covid symptoms and a positive test. i still wasn’t feeling the best, but i put on my lipstick and made it happen. i put together some fun crafts to supplement my arts, and collaborated with the amazing natalie to stock a booth as the ‘sagebrush sisters’. natalie is a Very talented crochet artist- i’m jealous of her thick yarn shawls and hats. her hats make me wish for snow. i see them and i want to jump in a frozen lake. they inspire me to walk my dog in a blizzard. anything that didn’t sell will appear on my reinvigorated etsy shop after the new year: stop by and check it out if you are in the market!

i’m not under the illusion that busy times just ‘happen to me’. it’s like i see a brief blank timespot in my schedule and suddenly decide to paint the sistine chapel. or organize a revolution, or write a book in all my sspare time. it’s something i do to myself for fun, like getting your nails painted.

i’ve been enjoying coffee shop dates on weekend afternoons. they help me get out of the house, feel like a real person and escape some of my worries.

and now it is time for christmas. i say: bring it on, bit&%! (but after that, I will have plenty of time to…………………… &#@~%, i did it again…..)

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