it’s been a whirlwind, but i think i’m done for now. i’m glad to say it looks a lot better than it felt.

yes, i painted my house. i am so grateful for borrowed tools and time from family and friends that helped along the way. it really takes a village! thanks to the duchess, sherwin-williams’ 40% off sales and Neighbor Works Pocatello’s SPRUCE UP THE BLOCK program for their financial support to make this happen.

ever since i bought my 1940’s bungalow about 9 years ago, i’ve wanted to paint it. the cream/dirty white aesthetic did nothing for it’s personality. i knew there was potential, and it was up to me to realize it. (this house ain’t gonna paint itself…) i didn’t realize how rough the trim was until i started investigating this spring. the siding is a vintage cement board that had never been painted, so it was still in great condition. it just needed a good power wash and a nice coat of primer and it was ready to paint. not having to scrape the siding was a true blessing. my crew showed up with an industrial paint sprayer and in about 3 hours (with 6 people)- the base was magically transformed!

the eaves took about 20x the effort of the entire house. i spent most of september on a scaffolding, eating paint chips, sobbing and cussing, painting my hair and blurring straight lines over and over. first with the peppercorn and then with the trim color.

i also ordered a few new windows and once they arrive, all the windows will be wrapped in steel to protect the sills and trim. her self esteem is up quite a few notches already, and these last few details will really make her shine. more thanks to my neighborhood for their encouragement, laughs and sympathy (for my painted hair) along the way!

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