sum, sum, summah!

melting. tired of complaining. exhausted. 90* sucks.

planning an impromptu (oxymoron?) drive tomorrow to jump in a river. no promises, but let’s see where it will take me.

it’s been a quiet few weeks at my house. lots of planning and dreaming, but not a whole lot of action. i finally gave in and decided the best thing to do when i get home from work around 4pm is to sleep until twilight, then hope that it is cooling off and get something done in the last hours of the day. i jump up at 8:45 and fix myself an icy cold drink before i race out to mow the lawn (15 minutes of torture), then water flowers, pick up the yard, throw in some laundry and take out the trash. all this would be alot more fun if my icy drink was full of booze as per usual, but i’ve also declared this a dry summer. it will forever be known as ‘that hot dry summer after covid’. my second plan (aside from sleeping all afternoon every day) is to sequester myself at my sewing machine in my freezing cold basement during the hellish hours. i’ve managed to ‘materialize’ (get it?) several birthday presents and a few finally completed projects out of the remnants that fill my shelves. i bought a set of vintage curtains covered with hot pink flowers with olive leaves and am scheming a set of ‘train cases’ for my next overnight adventure.

speaking of which, i finally succumbed to covid, being no longer able to avoid it. my covid family and i went camping for 1 night on the 2nd of july and eventually 8 of 8 of us were afflicted. my experience was extremely uncomfortable and i thank my lucky stars and count my blessings for my recovery.

i am also mischievously and irresponsibly planning to paint my house a delicious grey by october 15. will report back. dm me if you have an equally mischievous and irresponsible desire to help paint someone’s house.

cheers! (unless i melt)

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