i hope that spring makes us all feel a lot better. winter was kind of hard on this girl, what with being sick and all. but i am feeling better, there’s a ‘spring’ in my step and i am optimistic about the coming months (even while i dread the heat of summer proper). this is my time to shine. i’m ready to plant and get outside- yardwork makes me happiest at about 50*. i made a plan with my old lady to spruce up our gardens and make more space for her ‘herbs’ (don’t ask, don’t tell). the tulips are coming up, and i bought a new wheelbarrow. what else do you need to know?

i got invited to palm springs by two of my favorite people, and spent 5 days in that desert wonderland feeling like a moviestar. maybe a b-list moviestar, because i had to check into the betty when i got home. someone over-indulged in the bottle like any good middle-aged spring-breaker. can you say personal swimming pool? i loved the mid-century modern architecture, the cactus gardens, the fuschia azaleas and the palm trees at night- lit by zillions of white lights. i loved the downtown market we went to one night, the handsome gay gentleman of all ages in the open-air bars, and the company of old and new friends. i loved the dr. seuss-ish joshua trees and the massive odd shaped stone marbles piled in the desert. we brunched, cocktailed, ordered in, found street tacos, told stories, exposed our pale idaho skin and laughed. a lot. i especially enjoyed the break from reality. happy 40th birthday to my dear friend ryan.



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