hot girl

everyone that knows me knows that i am a hot girl. i finally found the exact words for it, though. it’s not hot, it’s extreme heat intolerance. and is is not just uncomfortable. it’s miserable. i noticed it when i was 19 years old, and have been affected by it off and on since then. i’m the girl in a 50-minute yoga (!) class that turns red as a beet and looks like i have just run a marathon. after i mow my postage stamp sized lawn in the summer, grown people are alarmed and small children run crying. sweat drips from my hair as i work at my desk in my air conditioned office. I can’t wear socks and long pants at the same time (my friend asked me once why I always show off my ankles?) i get heat rash in the winter. i look for shade when i go snowshoeing at 30*. i mean, who does that? sitting on a covered deck for a cocktail in the dead of summer? agonizing. it seriously affects so many aspects of my life… vacation, clothes, exercise, my dog, concerts, outdoor projects, etc… i can trudge through the heat, but it’s not pretty. it’s not really about my bright red face, or the sweat i’m constantly wiping off my brow, but more about the energy it steals from me. total, utter exhaustion. it’s so unfair. multiple doctors have suggested ice packs and cooling vests, but that is all. i am so not amused.


after 30 years, i’ve finally decided that enough is enough. last friday, i booked and went to an appointment with my local acupuncturist. my friend recommended him to me 15 years ago but i must have been skeptical, because i never went. it was a simple appointment. no drama. he asked and listened. he said that heat is a very common issue that chinese medicine can resolve. he said it may take multiple appointments, so i should be patient. he was very optimistic and i am so hopeful that he is right. i’m excited to see him again tomorrow. i’ll post our progress here. thanks for listening.

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