so it just happens to be a new year, and y’all know that i don’t make resolutions, but i love to make plans and set intentions. this year is no exception. i don’t have timelines or checkboxes, so anytime during the year is fine, but i might as well get started….

after being sick most of november and december, my health has been on my mind. i am at fitness level ‘ground zero’ and i did 3 situps at my fitness assessment to prove it. my friend teresa and i signed up for some cheap and really inconvenient exercise classes across the street from our office, and we are determined to make them work. i became even more determined when we arrived at our first spin class and completely annoyed the instructor. how? by showing up and being beginners. even though she’s getting paid for it. hey, by the way, great way to get people interested in your class. we’re planning to hit at least 2 classes a week and when teresa and i get together and make plans, by golly, they happen. she’s a great exercise partner. she’s like my own little personal assistant sending me reminders to bring my gym bag and filling my water bottle for me. she’s also one of my personal favorite role models. and i just don’t want to let her down.

speaking of which, this winter is going to be for finishing projects. it seems like i have a whole basement full of unfinished projects! eeek. how did that happen? well, i started with the easiest pile (hotpads) and finished them with some sexy little vintage tattoo print. pretty racy for the kitchen, really, and i love them. then i moved on to my big totes made out of dog food bags. i gave one to my brother for his birthday along with a donation to his favorite guide dog charity. i love theme gifts!!

i started making christmas presents last july, but got sidetracked when i got sick. i invested quite a bit of time in them and a medium-ish chunk of money. the bonus is that i really like them and so i will definitely finish them. these require a lot of handstitching so it will be perfect for weeknights on the couch.

i have a big new project in mind and i’ve dragged brian on board. but, i’m gonna need all my resources and spare time to make it happen. so…. watch for clues and announcements as i set it into motion and make it more than a dream….. it’s a biggie, and it has to be a goodie or it won’t happen at all.

what are your unfinished projects? what are you hoping to accomplish for the new year? how can you make that happen? what are your tricks for staying motivated? is there anything anyone else can do to help you? i’ll post updates on my health and craft progress- so check back for the juicy details.

i just know that it’s time to make some EPIC shit happen. (just as soon as i finish this netflix series)….

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