what happened to september? i think i was there. oh yeah, i remember…..

after years and years of ‘thinking about it’, i went to explore the mackay mine hill ghost town tour. after discovering all the fixer uppers in the area- i sarcastically turned the adventure into a backwards day of househunting: open floor plan, room for expansion, ground floor opportunity, mature landscaping, skylights, etc…..

the second weekend i went to a quilt festival in utah with my neighbor, jude. i pre-shopped at suppose- a fabulous fabric store hidden away in small town preston, idaho. i deliberately bought fabrics for the first time in a long time. usually, i harvest from my existing stash of random and impulse purchases, thrift shop finds and upcycled materials.

in mid september, we were sad to hear that my sweet uncle, my mother’s brother, dean eric had passed away. he was a gentle man. a witty and quiet man. a man with a big heart and sparkling eyes. 6 years ago he had a stroke, and the hardship it caused was finally too much. we will be eternally grateful to his wife luwana for taking great care of him after his stroke. she took him fishing and to music festivals, demolition derbies, concerts, biker rodeos, boat races and car shows. i wrote a life sketch and met some of his kids and grandkids for the first time. i got to know him better than i did before. my cousin hunter said “he wasn’t much to look at, but he had a heart of gold”. we will honor his life with a celebration on october 12 in medical lake, washington.

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