i’ve made a really big decision recently. i decided to make my family’s mountain property a major priority in my life. i will become a steward of this remote cabin and the property it graces. i will protect the endangered species river that runs through it. i will use our 1918 water rights to irrigate the high desert landscape and provide fuel for the animals that live there. i will protect and support this mountain home for my family and friends to enjoy.

in 2021 i planned to visit at least once every month of the year. this meant a vehicle with AWD that would increase my chances of accessing the property in the muddy and snowy spring and winter months. the problem is, we never know what the conditions will be. our little slice of heaven is 40 miles from the nearest town (population 1,091), 23 miles off an Idaho highway, 7 miles off the county road, 40 miles from cell service, and 1 mile from private electricity and phone lines. this is what we love about it.

the property has been in our family for over 50 years, but we started construction on the cabin in 2004. we built this cabin ourselves, and i take pride in all the hard work that i know i invested in it. but it seems like all of a sudden, maintenance is becoming a bigger part of the picture. the infrastructure is aging, or is it me? the trees that we have nurtured from babies need watered. the siding and decks are thirsty, too. something always needs staining. there are noxious weeds with burs that stick to our dogs. thistles and mullen need to be deadheaded. beavers are de-vegetating the riverbanks. appliances are wearing out and need replaced.

we have a propane stove, fridge, water heater, ‘furnace’ and lights. we also have solar panels and batteries that power our well pump and lift pump for the plumbing. we have one plug in that we use for

we sprung a leak on our last trip in may, so i made an appointment with the plumber and woke up early on a thursday to go for a drive. on my way, the propane company called and was enroute with my new fridge. it’s amazing how happy a fridge can make a girl, right? the things we take for granted. first world problems.

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